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Aspire Education — Landing Page Design

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Aspire Education: Re-designing a nonprofit’s web presence

during a weekend hackathon

COMPANY: Aspire Education                             ROLE: UX Design, Brand Design                              TOOLS: Sketch, InVision



Aspire Education is a nonprofit that provides the Bay Area with need-based educational services. Aspire Education matches students with tutors specializing in a range of topics from STEM to test prep.



Over the course of a weekend hackathon, I worked with Aspire Education to help them re-design their website, messaging, and branding. The client goals were to:

  1. Appeal to donors as a primary target audience

  2. Prioritize tutoring clients and services on site

  3. Simplify site navigation

  4. Revamp branding to differentiate from other players in the market

I ran through branding and messaging workshops with their program staff to better understand their vision before implementing these learnings into a new landing page, tutoring page, and Community Reading Buddies page.

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