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WriteHouse: A/B testing landing pages


Company: WriteHouse                             ROLE: UX Design, Visual Design                              TOOLS: Sketch, Zeplin



WriteHouse is an early stage concept to help people looking to buy homes write home offer letters. In a seller’s market, a home offer letter can make or break a bidders chance of winning their home, sometimes even offsetting a lower bid.



WriteHouse came to me to design a simple marketing site as a test to see if users would want this type of service (and at what price). This was a low-budget, quick-and-dirty project, so I threw together a few simple pages for testing. I find these quick engagements energizing, and WriteHouse was particularly fun because I got to:

  1. Create a visual design from scratch that aligned with the company’s vision

  2. Setup a testing model and success metric

  3. Design a responsive site for both mobile and desktop

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Mobile Web

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